9 Remedies for Babies with a Cold

Having a cold at any time of the year is tough, but when your baby has a cold- now that is a different story! Suddenly, you’re willing to pray to anyone who can give you the sickness instead so that their suffering ends. Recently, my 10-month-old son has had back-to-back colds and when I tell... Continue Reading →

5 Ways I Increased my Blog Traffic without Posting to my Site

As a blogger, I'm always researching new ways to drive traffic to my site. This is something that's continually on every blogger's mind and the are so many methods to this madness. The trick is to find which method and technique works best for you. I took a month off from posting on my site... Continue Reading →

How I dealt with infertility diagnosis

The time came for my husband and me to get to that next chapter in our relationship. We had been married for a couple of years, established ourselves in some great career positions, and felt that we were ready for another journey. The journey we had hoped for was the parenthood journey! Now was the... Continue Reading →

Living with Postpartum Depression

With every pregnancy, a woman's body goes through drastic changes. At the end of each pregnancy, women experience different forms of postpartum healing. Some experience postpartum depression and each level of depression varies from woman to woman. Postpartum depression also can strike at different times after baby is born. For me, I truly realized I... Continue Reading →

10 Pieces of Advice for Breastfeeding

It was such a happy time in a mine and my husband's lives when we found out that our family was growing. To be honest, it was also a little frightening. When you find out that you are expecting, all sorts of worry and decisions cross your mind seemingly at once. How are you going... Continue Reading →

7 Tips for Choosing the Right Daycare for Your Little One(s)

Finding the right early childhood education environment for your little one(s) can be a stressful process. There are several questions floating through parents' minds when it comes to which facility would be the best fit for their family: How many days will I need to have my child in care? How much will it cost?... Continue Reading →

8 Things I Didn’t Know About Having Kids

Having my son is by far one of the hardest and best things I have ever done in my life. But no matter how much i prepared for my son's arrival, how many books I read, how many videos I watched, how many classes I took, or the amount of conversations I had with veteran... Continue Reading →

Dom & John (Vol. II)

My morning routine consists of a few stretches, some sharpening of my claws, and a partial bath (because I usually save the deep cleaning for the evening when I can use a human's lap as a wash basin). If I don't hear footsteps upstairs by the time I have finished preparing for the day, I... Continue Reading →

Dom & John

When they brought him into the house, never did he suspect that he'd be tasked with the challenge of residing with and helping to raise someone younger than he. After all, he was only four months old at the time, what life experiences did he have that he could possibly teach to someone else? Apparently,... Continue Reading →

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