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5 Tips for Transitioning Baby to Their Own Room

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Recently, my little family decided it was time for baby to have his own room and for Mommy and Daddy to have our own space again. This was a decision we made that took some time to execute. To be honest, it was hard for me to come to terms with letting go of the reins a little bit and letting our baby have his own space. After all, my son is now 14 months old and would most definitely benefit from having his own room (the baby clothes are just taking over!).

To preface a little, we were living in a space where my husband and I had to share a room with our son. We were fortunate enough to have circumstances change recently that allowed us to have an extra room that our son could take over. It’s not that I wanted to keep our son from having his own room for so long (let’s face it, I loved having his crib right next to my side of the bed). We were able to make this decision based on a number of factors and have been able to make the transition a smooth one for baby.

I’ve created some tips for others looking for information on when to transition baby to their own room, plus I’ve included some items we invested in to help make this a smoother process. Please note that this information is based on my experiences and should not be used to replace advice given by a doctor/pediatrician. My son’s pediatrician agreed that he was healthy and could have his own room.

1. When do you know baby is ready?

I’ve researched this topic and have found several sides to this story. I’ve seen people suggesting to put baby in their own room from day one, people waiting until baby is six months, people waiting until baby’s first birthday, and so on. Basically, whenever you decide it’s the best thing for your family then that’s the best time to do it. 

2. Are Mommy and Daddy ready for this? 

As a mom, this was probably harder on me than it was on my son and my husband. All the things ran through my mind about the separation: Will he be okay? What happens if he needs me? What if something happens that I can’t hear? What if this and what if that…? All the torturous questions had my mind spinning and racing. However, I had to realize that it was the best thing for us to do at the time. Slowly letting go is harder to do than it seems!

3. Is baby able to self-soothe him/herself back to sleep?

This was a big thing for us. My son is not at all the best sleeper. In fact, he had not slept through the night from day one up until around 13 months old (and even then, he still wakes at least once per night some nights). I had to consider if it was worth having him separate because honestly, who wants to walk around to all parts of the home in the middle of the night to soothe a baby instead of just rolling over to his crib next to your bedside? But, it was a sacrifice we needed to make! We had faith that we had taught our son to trust his environment, trust us, and we made sure he had the necessary items that made him comfortable in his room.

4. Implementing a night light and white noise machine

A gift that we received for our baby shower was this adorable owl nightlight that included music. It displays stars on the wall or ceiling and its belly glows. Having a night light helped our son to not be afraid of his room when it is dark. A common fear in children is the fear of the dark and this night light took that fear away. Plus, it provides sufficient light in the room for those times that we need to go in there to check on him. The awesome thing about this device is that it also serves as a white noise machine and offers various tunes to choose from.

5. Baby monitor

The next best thing to actually being in the room with baby is having a baby monitor that includes audio and visual monitoring. This baby monitor that we purchased fit our budget and fit our needs. We are able to see our son sleeping peacefully in his crib. The most important thing to me was having a clear picture of him so that I can actually see him breathing without having to go in his room. Because of all SIDS talk, I have grown to be terrified during his first year of life and that is a difficult thing to break even though he is 14 months old now. This monitor also allows me to talk to him when he is upset and soothe him while I’m making my way to his room. I am beyond grateful that we have this device! We even have the option to add on additional cameras later in the event that we have more children.

What are your thoughts on transitioning baby to their own room?

After all the planning, considerations, and preparations we did to ensure this was a smooth transition for our son, I know that not all the advice given here works for each family. What did you do differently? Did any of the above information help your family? Was the transition hard for you to come to terms with like it was for me (or am I just crazy)? Let me know in the comments!


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45 thoughts on “5 Tips for Transitioning Baby to Their Own Room”

  1. My boy is 9 months now, moved him at 4 months I know that’s early but I was ready and he would make really loud noises that would wake us up. The best part is he could self soothe but I had to do it twice since it did not work out the first time and had to redo it once he was 5 months. I still wake twice every night though.

    1. Hi, Joan! Every family is different! I’m glad it worked for you to move him sooner. I think if we had the space, we might have attempted moving him sooner. Good luck in your motherhood journey!❤

  2. Great tips! I have to get over the are mommy and daddy ready step. I have a lot of anxiety and with the kids’ room in the front of the house, it makes me nervous. But I do have a monitor and I just need to set it up!

    1. Hi, Amanda! It is a REALLY big step and only you can determine when you’re ready. Good luck to you when you make that transition!❤

  3. I like that in step one you said you looked it up and everyone has different thoughts about it and you just have to do it when you feel it’s right – I 100% agree with that (about everything in life really) haha I don’t have children but my friends do and it’s definitely tip!

    1. Thank you so much, Ashli! It’s true in life that everything happens when you’re ready and not because someone else says you have to do it a certain way. I want my readers to feel no judgement from me and I’m glad you noticed that! Thanks for reading!❤

    1. I never knew there was a process for a lot of this parenting stuff haha.. I’m learning as I go and figured others might need this info, too. Thanks for reading!

  4. I don’t have children myself but a family member just had a baby so I will be passing these tips along! Love the owl night light/sound machine, by the way. I love owls and almost want one for myself. Haha!!

    1. Thank you for reading and sharing! The owl night light is definitely soothing and there is no age limit on who can purchase for themselves!😉😁

  5. Great read! It’s definitely harder on the parents than the little ones. I love having my little man close by where I can keep an eye on him but we’re getting there slowly but surely.

  6. That white noise machine sounds interesting. This was a battle back when my baby girl was small. Although shes 11 now I remember very well. I had none of the great gadgets they have out now

    1. There are so many monitoring devices that have all these bells and whistles. It’s hard to find the right one, but we went with what we thought was right for our family. Thanks for reading!

  7. This a critical stage in a child’s development and can be hard on both the child and the parents. The steps are valid and will help any family approaching this stage.

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