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Blogmas Update

The blogmas challenge is nearly completed! My goal was to post everyday from December 1st up to December 25th and while I still have a couple more days before this challenge is finished, I wanted to take some time to reflect on my posts up to this point. So this post should be post #23… Continue reading Blogmas Update

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Reflecting on 2018

As the year draws closer and closer to the end with each passing day, I can't help but to review how much my life and my world have changed in 2018. While choices made were difficult and emotional, I am who I am today because of this year and what I have learned the last… Continue reading Reflecting on 2018

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Christmas Lights through Baby’s Eyes

My husband is super thoughtful, even on the days when it seems like we aren't seeing eye to eye. Today I came home from work and went about our evening routine with getting the baby some dinner, reading to him, and playing a little before getting ready for bed. Once we headed upstairs to start… Continue reading Christmas Lights through Baby’s Eyes

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Pictures with Santa

When picturing the day that I would become a mom, I often pictured what it would be like around the holiday season with kids; the baking traditions, opening gifts on Christmas morning, taking pictures with Santa, etc. These were such wonderful fantasies of mine and now I'm finally able to start indulging in them as… Continue reading Pictures with Santa


Inspiration to Blogmas

I fell off the blogmas wagon for a couple of days, unfortunately. My son became extremely I'll and therefore I've taken a couple of days to just focus on him and trying to get him to a healthier state. I appreciate those who have reached out to ask how he is doing! He has no… Continue reading Inspiration to Blogmas