Christmas Lights through Baby’s Eyes

My husband is super thoughtful, even on the days when it seems like we aren't seeing eye to eye. Today I came home from work and went about our evening routine with getting the baby some dinner, reading to him, and playing a little before getting ready for bed. Once we headed upstairs to start... Continue Reading →

Pictures with Santa

When picturing the day that I would become a mom, I often pictured what it would be like around the holiday season with kids; the baking traditions, opening gifts on Christmas morning, taking pictures with Santa, etc. These were such wonderful fantasies of mine and now I'm finally able to start indulging in them as... Continue Reading →

Inspiration to Blogmas

I fell off the blogmas wagon for a couple of days, unfortunately. My son became extremely I'll and therefore I've taken a couple of days to just focus on him and trying to get him to a healthier state. I appreciate those who have reached out to ask how he is doing! He has no... Continue Reading →

Christmas Movies

Christmas movies are one of my favorite ways to celebrate the holiday season! This might sound a little cynical, but I love the fact that there is always some kind of issue that occurs in a Christmas movie. This makes me feel like no matter how perfect we want our Christmas to be each year,... Continue Reading →

“Last Christmas, I…”

Each year, I like to reflect on the past year's Christmas and notice how things may be similar or different for the current year. Last year's Christmas was immensely different than this year will be. I'm thankful for some of the changes, but I'm sad about a couple of differences.🎄 Last Christmas, we were living... Continue Reading →

Holiday Shopping at your Fingertips

This is my first year actively blogging during the holiday season and I am so thankful to be able to take advantage of the opportunity to partner with some small business women that I love and trust! These women have entrusted me with their business information and have fostered such great friendships to me that... Continue Reading →

Santa or No Santa?

As a new mom, I am constantly considering things for my son as he gets older. Each month, he meets at least one new milestone so there are thoughts of what more we could do for him to keep him learning and happy. This time of the year, we are considering if we should introduce... Continue Reading →

A Tragedy During the Holidays

This is it, folks; the most wonderful time of the year! Everyone is cheerful, people become most generous this time of year, and nothing can cloud such a happy time! Except the one thing we don't expect... the death of a loved one.💔 Thanksgiving this year came and went without a hitch and the feelings... Continue Reading →

New Traditions

During the holiday season last year, we had a four week old baby boy and we were new to parenthood. Needless to say, doing Christmas things weren't exactly on the top of our list at that time (let's be real, SLEEP was our main goal)! All the fantasizing about having a family around the holiday... Continue Reading →

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